Part of a series of responses while taking a course by the Institute for Social Ecology: "Solarpunk, Art, and Social Ecological Aesthetics".

January 2023

We want to build the world we want to see. How building free stores and open libraries of books, tools, resources, and things can bring us closer to a…

November 2022

An exploration of ideas that cross between computer science & tech, Solarpunk, and radical forms of political organizing.

September 2022

Broadcast a digital library of challenged or banned books with a portable anti-censorship e-book server.
Expanding the uses of an autonomous network, and offering some ideas on the ways that autonomous and community controlled networking can lead to change.

August 2022

Solarpunk as a concept has many ideas, some will lead to liberatory egalitarian societies, others will copy the old ideas and create a stratified…

July 2022

How to make an off-grid micro 'internet' that can run off solar power (or any power) for emergencies, camping, protests, or building community autonomy…

May 2022

A story about a changing city. One city is a corporate police state, that runs like a private kingdom. Another is a free society living on the edges and…

March 2022

Showing the influences of the 60s counterculture, learning from the counterculture, and imagining radically new futures in a hauntological time.
A quick introduction and summary of the points of the main piece.

January 2022

A solarpunk short story about pirates roaming the seas outside of a now flooded Miami. 3D printed boats with refugees looking for a new home. There is a…

December 2021

A solarpunk short story about a group installing a new solar farm in the now dry desert of the great plains. There are secrets hidden in the rusted…